An exterior view of the Aims 体育康乐中心(PERC)

体育教育 & 娱乐中心(PERC)位于格里利校区. The PERC offers open recreation hours and activity classes taught by knowledgeable and certified instructors. Currently enrolled Aims students and employees can enjoy all the PERC has to offer. 


Students and employees are encouraged to come and find out all that the PERC has to offer.

  • 学生及雇员须知-只需带上你的目标ID,今天就开始锻炼! 自己锻炼, work with one of our personal trainers or take activity classes to enjoy new ways to live healthier.
  • 社区成员须知 - PERC仅适用于Aims学生和员工. However, community members can sign up for a Physical Education class which will then provide them full access to the PERC while they are a student. 没有最低学分,PERC提供一个 种类繁多的课程.


row of treadmills and ellipticals with man working out at the PERC

All Aims students and employees have complete access to the PERC during recreation hours. Please see our facilities page for a complete list of the wide array of recreation spaces available.


A variety of for-credit activity classes are available at the PERC. Examples of classes include weight training, yoga, Zumba, circuit training and more. For the most current Physical Education course offerings, check out the 当前课程表. 注意:当注册开放时,课程时间表可用. 


Students and employees can work with one of our certified personal trainers free of charge. 我们的教练可以帮助你学习如何使用这些设备, give tips for staying motivated or design a personalized program to help you meet specific fitness goals.

If you are an Aims employee or student and would like to inquire about personal training services, 请填妥表格 here.


Andrew Chapman

Andrew Chapman

兼职:FCA体能训练 & 个人培训助理


兼职:FCA体能训练 & 个人培训助理
Marco Galindo

Marco Galindo

兼职:FCA体能训练 & 个人培训助理

Shawn Weiss



兼职:FCA体能训练 & 个人培训助理

Stephanie Munds

兼职:教师,体育(力量) & Conditioning)
Lillian Headshot


兼职:FCA体能训练 & 个人培训助理


Intramurals are an opportunity for all students to compete against their classmates in a variety of sports. They are a great way to increase student engagement by providing students with ways to interact socially with their classmates. 这培养了一种归属感, positivity and engagement in both academic and non-academic activities.

Aims students who want to participate in intramural sports for the spring semester should contact Tanner Wiemers to sign up. 请参阅以下Aims校内体育产品的详细信息. 

季节:秋季学期(9月19日- 10月19日)



详细信息:6 - 8个参与者的队伍


季节:秋季学期(10月24日- 11月21日)



详细信息:3 - 5个参与者的队伍





季节:秋季学期(9月15日- 12月8日)

Days: Friday's




Physical Education and Recreation Center policies are designed to protect participants, 员工和设施设备. Adhering to all policies and posted guidelines during participation in the facility is expected at all times. Anyone who violates policies may be asked to leave the facility and be denied future access.

请参阅 目标Covid-19信息页面 查看与Covid-19相关的最新协议.

  • 出于安全和设施维护的原因, appropriate sport or exercise clothing and footwear are required for participants. 请参阅各部分的具体要求.
    • Tank tops or t-shirts are required (sports bras are not permitted).
    • Jeans, zippers, belts, snaps, metal studs and other materials on clothing that may damage equipment, 室内装潢或地板是不允许的.
    • Toe-covered and rubber-sole shoes are required in the following areas:
      • Gymnasium
      • 心脏和健康中心
      • 室内单车工作室
      • 步行和跑步跑道
      • 交叉训练工作室
      • Strength Center
  • 背包、包和个人物品必须存放在储物柜中.
  • Participants may not interfere with employee duties and must adhere to instruction presented by employees.
  • Appropriate language is expected, and use of profane or obscene language is strictly prohibited
  • 不允许使用毒品、酒精和烟草产品. Any participant identified as impaired will be removed from the Physical Education and Recreation Center or program activities.

  • Class participation is only allowed for registered class members.
  • The maximum number of class participants is determined by the instructor, based on space capacity.
  • Notify the class instructor of any physical considerations you have before class begins.
  • 将所有设备放回指定的存储空间.

客人被定义为任何非aims学生, faculty or staff member accompanying an Aims faculty or staff member for admission and participation purposes. 以下是对客人政策的概述:

  • A limit of one guest at a time may accompany a current faculty or staff member.
  • Aims赞助商必须与客人一起留在设施中.
  • 赞助商对其客人的行为负责.
  • Sponsors and guests must arrive and check-in together at the Welcome Center.
  • Each guest must present a photo ID and complete the registration form and liability waiver at the Welcome Center.
  • 设备只能以赞助商的名义借出.
  • No guest under the age of 12 is permitted in the following areas: weight training room, 交叉训练室, cardio studio, 人体运动器械区, 或者功能性健身空间.
  • 客人通行证是免费的.
  • Guests may not join sponsors during scheduled for-credit courses.
  • 客人不能享受私人培训服务.

  • Lockers are permitted for day use only; no items may be left in lockers overnight.
  • 体育教育 and Recreation Center is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items. 不要留下贵重物品,如珠宝, wallets, 电子设备, 信用卡或个人物品无担保.


The following recreational activities and facilities are available for use at the following campuses:

Fort Lupton

Students, employees, and community members are able to stay active using the 0.8-mile 户外运动通道 along the 卢普顿堡校区 那里有一系列的健身器材. The 卢普顿堡校区 also has five family passes available for students to check out to use at the Fort Lupton Recreation Center. These passes can be checked out at Learning Commons on the Fort Lupton campus and are available for one week at a time. 


The Loveland campus has six family passes available for students, faculty, and staff to check out to use at the nearby 儿童娱乐中心. These passes can be checked out at Learning Commons on the Loveland campus and are available for one week at a time. 


The Windsor campus 酒店内有健身房.